“Every Week God Speaks – We Respond, Cycle A” is written by John Trần Bình Trọng, a priest of the Catholic Diocese of Arlington, Virginia, USA.  To keep the author’s writing style and his foreign background, this English edition has not been edited by a hired hand.

The author did not live in the US until his adulthood and English is not his mother’s tongue. Passive sentences are used intentionally in this context as to avoid using the first personal pronoun ‘I’ when applicable. That might be associated with any idea of egotism, in accord with the French saying, known as: ‘Le moi est haissable’ (The ego is detestable). The book is published Online  by www.mucvuvanbut.net  as to be more available for worldwide  readers. It will be available in printing with limited numbers.


Front cover picture: 117 Martyrs of Viet Nam canonized in Rome 1988

Clip Liturgical Arts: By Bùi Sỹ Cảnh

Layout Online: By Vũ Công Chính.

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The Vietnamese version of “Every Week God Speaks – We Respond, Cycle  A”, titled “Hằng tuần CHÚA NÓI – TA ĐÁP, Chu Kì A” was published by the same author with the original “Imprimatur” by the Most Reverend Dominic Mai Thanh Lương, Auxiliary Bishop of Orange, California, in cooperation  with  Nhà Xuất Bản TIN VUI Media and TUOIHOA Publishing in the US in 2007 and re-published in Viet Nam in 2010.

It was registered with the Library of Congress, Number: TX6-891-435, November 26, 2007 and with ISBN: 1-932708-20-0. 

Copyright ©: 2007 Trần Bình Trọng giữ bản quyền.