CNTD-AIntroduction: This is the ‘Table of contents’ of a book titled ‘Every Week God Speaks We Respond’, Cycle A, intended to be published in English by Reverend John T. B. Trong (Gioan Trần Bình Trọng). The book was published in Vietnamese in the US in 2007 and re-published in Viet Nam in 2010.



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Advent Season, Year A:

1st Sunday: Wake up

2nd Sunday: Response to the call of repentance

3rd Sunday: Should we look for another?

4th Sunday: Seeking to find God in the solitude of soul

Christmas Season, Year A:

Vigil Mass: A, B, C: Following God’s small way.

Midnight Mass: A, B, C: How does Jesus’ birth influence our lives?

Dawn Mass: A, B, C: How was the First Christmas celebrated?

Day Mass: A, B, C: Dual nature of the Word incarnate

Epiphany: Seeking the One deserving of worship and praise.

Lenten Season, Year A:

Ash Wednesday (A, B, C): Living the spirit of Lent

1st Sunday : ‘Lead us not into temptation’

2nd Sunday: Following Jesus to the mountain of soul

3rd Sunday: Asking for the living water

4th Sunday: Asking to see things in the light of faith

5th Sunday: Asking to rise

Palm/Passion Sunday: Seeking to do God’s will

Paschal Triduum: Year A, B, C:

Holy Thursday: Eucharist unites priesthood and Service

Good Friday: Love transforms one’s suffering and cross

Easter Vigil: Celebrating the risen Christ & Congratulating the newly baptized

Easter Sunday: Christ is risen for He appears to the disciples.

Easter Season, Year A:

2nd Sunday: To believe is to trust one who is trustworthy

3rd Sunday: Recognizing God’s presence

4th Sunday: Asking to remain in the sheepfold

5th Sunday: Following Jesus: the way, the truth and the life

6th Sunday: Believing in Jesus’ promise to send his spirit

7th Sunday: Praying for the glory of God’s name

Ascension of the Lord: ‘I am with you until the end of the world’

Pentecost Sunday: Obstacles to the activity of the Holy Spirit

Ordinary Sundays of the Year A:

Trinity Sunday: Jesus reveals the mystery of the Trinity out of his love for us

Corpus Christi: Whoever eats this bread has eternal life

02nd Sunday: Recognzing one’s Catholic identity

03rd Sunday: For repentance for sins including division

04th Sunday: Living the Beatitudes

05th Sunday: Being ‘the salt of the earth and the light of the world’.

06th Sunday: Living the spirit of the law

07th Sunday: Living according the law of mercy

08th Sunday: Trusting in God’s providential plan

09th Sunday: Building spiritual home on rock

10th Sunday: The sick need a physician

11th Sunday: Asking for more laborers

12th Sunday: ‘Do not be afraid’

13th Sunday: Doing things in the name of God

14th Sunday: How to come to Jesus to be rereshed

15th Sunday: That the Word of God may bear fruit

16th Sunday: Coexisting with weeds among wheat

17th Sunday: Wishing and choosing the heavenly values

18th Sunday: Cooperating to feed the hungry

19th Sunday: God is there when we cry out for help

20th Sunday: Saving grace comes to the gentiles

21st Sunday: ‘I will build my church on this rock’

22nd Sunday: Denying self and taking up one’s cross to follow Jesus

23rd Sunday: Correcting faults as Jesus taught

24th Sunday: To forgive in order to be forgiven

25th Sunday: Being satisfied with what God has given

26th Sunday: Following the will of God by deed

27th Sunday: Called to work in God’s vineyard

28th Sunday: Accepting the invitation to attend the wedding

29th Sunday: Repaying to Ceasar and to God

30th Sunday: In order to love God and neighbor, one must love self

31st Sunday: Thoughts, words and actions must match

32nd Sunday: Preparing oil for the lamp of soul

33rd Sunday: Investing what God has given

Christ the King Sunday: Facing the judgment throne

Solemnities and major Feasts falling on Sundays:

Mary, Mother of God (S: 01/01: A): Mary is also our Mother ...

Baptism of the Lord (F:A): Baptism marks the mission of the suffering servant of Yahweh

Presentation of the Lord (F: 02/02: A, B, C): Two examples of obedience and sacrifice

Nativity of John the Baptist (S: 06/24: A, B, C): Called to prepare the way and to bear witness to the Messiah

SS. Peter and Paul (S: 06/29: A, B, C): In honor of the two pillars of the Church

Transfiguration of the Lord (F: 08/06: A, B, C): Asking to contemplate God’s presence

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (S: 08 /15): A  ‘My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord’

Exaltation of the Holy Cross (F: 09/14: A, B, C): By your holy cross, you have redeemed the world’

All Saints (S: 11/01: A, B, C): Asking to be in the list of the chosen

All Souls (Special: 11/02: A): May the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace

Dedication of the Lateran Basilica (F: 11/09: A, B, C): Entering God’s temple

Immaculate Conception (S: 12/08: A): Reborn in freedom from the original sin

Holy Family (F: A): Following the example of the model family.

Special days’ Celebration for East and South East Asian people:

Lunar New Year’s End: In thanksgiving for the past year

Lunar New Year’s Eve: Asking for New Year’s blessing

Lunar New Year Day: Celebrating the Lunar New Year according to God’s providential plan

2nd Day of Lunar New Year: Remembering ancestors, grand-parents and parents in prayers

3rd Day of Lunar New Year: Asking God to sanctify our works

Thanksgiving Day: Living the spirit of gratitude

Andrew Dung-Lac, priests, martyrs and his companions: They have been hated for they do not belong to the world


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