Forward: Writing about issues in the political era is not the author's forte. However, when he feels necessary, he also tries to write something, as to contribute to truthful communication.

The 2020 US presidential election is set for Tuesday, November 3, 2020. This is the 59th presidential election, every four years. The candidate, who wins the presidential election, will be sworn in on January 20, 2021. A large number of voters believe that this is a black and white election, between good and evil, between uprightness and fraud, between construction and destruction, between the right to life and the "law" of death. In a long letter in English, dated 7 June 2020 addressed to President Trump, Archbishop Viganó, from Italy, former Vatican nuncio in Washington, retired and living in Italy, tracks and describes an ongoing war in the United States, using a biblical imagery called war between children of "light" and "darkness".

This is the most important election for voters of all religions, political opinions, all ethnicities and all walks of life, causing them to campaign and actively participate in the election. In the history of the US President's election, this is the most enthusiastic, disturbing, loud and turbulent campaign and election ever. The number of people who voted was unprecedented in the history of the United States. When there are more than 10 days to go before Election Day, more than 57 million people have voted first. This is an incredible phenomenon. The outcome of the election - whichever side wins - will influence the domestic and foreign policies of many of the world's leaders.


The article is easy to read and understand, but a bit long. The author used hours of consultation with evidence-based citations, set thoughts in each subheading section, aligned with events that occurred, eliminated redundant thoughts and corrected sentences with correct grammar, according to the writing style of the author. Readers can read each of the 6 subheadings, if no time to read at once.

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Recent problems of a party's central and local leaderships in the US.

In September and October, Muc Vu Van But: is scheduled to publish in "Vietnam News / World News" subscription, a series of three articles in Vietnamese on the Democratic Party platform and the Republican Party platform with brief differences to make it easy for voters to compare the two main political parties that many voters only know somewhat or misunderstand.

There are also legends created by each party to earn points. One party accuses the other of being demagogic when it offers fish to poor, black people and illegal immigrants in order to get their votes and get personal and factional profit and thus, makes them dependent on the party rather than to give them a fishing rod so that they can become independent. The other party denounces the opposition party only to serve the rich to maintain the capitalist regime.

When a party has failed to produce competent leaders to run the nation's machinery, to target the interests of the people and the nation and to influence the world; when a party has lost power, interest and influence, then small-minded and incompetent party members and factions, for fear of being possibly investigated, prosecuted and convicted of fraudulent bribes of millions of dollars, or for reason of having lost opportunity to make money unjustly, or out of jealousy for not being able to do things that benefit the country and the people like rivals do, they would find ways to pick opponents to pieces, put labels on them and fabricate paranoia to smear the opposition party leader. They also would collude with foreign powers to use despicable tricks to incite rogue members of the population to cause turmoil in society, to oppose the government and to do illegal, destructive things, plundering property, causing social disorder. That was what happened in the summer of 2020.

Recent problems of the leftist press / media

The press / media are means of communicating truthfully and guiding public opinion or influencing the public thoughts. However, journalist Vu Bang said, "Journalists tell lies for money." The press / media may be required to spread politically, or bribed for partisan coverage or foreign power. Because of the bribery, recently left-wing publishers, editors and writers cheaply sell their conscience by reporting biased, one-sided news, even fabricating fake news, or suppressing news that is unfavorable to party and faction. When the conscience has become callous, one can only act according to instinct like animals, instead of reason and the heart.

Recently, when reading or listening to news on social or political issues, most Vietnamese-American writers and commentators have labeled the liberal leftist press / media as thổ tả. Leftist means thiên tả in Vietnamese; thiên tả is derivatively read as thổ tả in Vietnamese; literal meaning of thổ tả is vomiting (reading the liberal leftist news makes people want to vomit); its figurative meaning of thổ tả is fabricated, fake with intention of tricking public opinion. The problem of unreliability and fabrication of news report as such about the Vietnam War by the liberal leftist press / media also started since then.

Recent problems of polls of the left-wing press / media

The results of the 2016 US presidential election show that the polls of the voters are all wrong, except for a few polling agencies to be correct. Previously, the majority of the left-wing press / media predicted that the DC candidate would win big. The Democratic Party leaders as well as the left-wing press / media prepared to celebrate at the Party Headquarters in New York on the banks of the Hudson River. The program, which planned to celebrate the victory with fireworks displayed on the Hudson River, had to be cancelled without an order to do. The hearty food and drink were left unused. The results of the election made them bitter and disappointed.

From there they do not accept the results of the election. These reactions have led them to invent lies, to do illegal actions to defame with the intention of disqualifying the winner.

About four weeks before the 2020 Election Day, the left-wing press / media polled voters in Democratic states, which in 2016, Hilary Clinton won, also supported the Democratic candidate in 2020, then concluded that the candidate for the Democratic Party took the lead in the states in the 2020 presidential election.

Thus, in order for a consultation to be honest, one must consider the following four factors:

1/. Does the poll answer group represent the national electoral block?

For example, public polls in a state or a city that the majority support a party, show that the majority favored that party's candidate, and then concluded that the candidate of that party led the race to the nation's presidential elections, is not true. Another example shows that when polling a country with hundreds of millions of people, but a pollster only asks the opinion of residents of several cities and states, the results cannot represent the opinion of the whole country.

2/. How to ask questions so as to get opinions objectively or subjectively?

If the organization or poll asks a question that is biased about a candidate, it also affects the way the respondents respond. In order for the consultation to be honest, the consulting agency or organization should ask questions objectively, that is to ask questions and use words in a certain      way so that the respondents do not know the intentions of the questioners and decide for themselves which candidate to support.

3/. Has the consultation or organization agency been bribed by any party or interest group?

When a media agency polls the public, it will consult in favor of the party that the press / media has been bribed by the party involved. When the respondents to the polls of that media are also from the same party, they can answer according to the stance of the party involved.

4/. It is not that everyone or the majority of those polled would answer the poll questions

There are those who receive polls about a certain issue, are quick to answer. There are others who "don't bother" to answer. When they receive a questionnaire, they can consider it as a waste of time and delete it or throw it to the trash can (bin). That is what President Richard Nixon calls "The silent Majority". Therefore, when polling an organization with about 100 thousand people (100,000) for example, but only one hundred (100) respond, then the number of one hundred respondents is too small to represent the opinion of an entire organization of 100 thousand people.

Discussing the issue of voter consultation, reminds the author of this article when he did a poll of a civil organization to write a dissertation on a university degree from a non-Catholic university. A professor sponsoring the thesis, considered both the questions submitted by the author to get opinion, and commented that there were some questions that seem to be subjective. Thus, a question must be phrased in a certain way so that it is difficult for the respondent to guess the questioner’s intention.

When surveying opinion, the author based on the address book of a civil organization. Then every 5 addresses, a letter to was sent out to get opinion, so that 1/5 (one fifth) of the people in that organization could be the model, representing the whole organization in the statistics; rather than sending some addresses at the top of the list, or in the middle of the list, or at the end of the list. Then, the formula to calculate the standard deviation to calculate the standard deviation of the statistics was to be applied: SD    .

The smaller the number of standard deviation was, the larger the poll's result was, meaning the more reliable it meant. Conversely, the larger the standard deviation was, the more biased was the poll result.

Voters’ reactions in general before Election Day

The policy of the current President in his first term was initially opposed by many world leaders, including allies of the United States. The leadership of the current President in his first term was initially opposed by many world leaders, including allies of the United States. Now they are again applying His approach to their country.

After the 2016 election, some Americans hesitated to wear MAGA (Make America Great Again) hats, for fear of being disparaging remark or attacked. Other wearing this hat in a restaurant was denied entry to a table at some restaurants.

Now they are proudly wearing that hat. They kept quiet for too long. Now they have awakened. They awoke when they saw what the incumbent President was done for them as he had promised. They woke up when they saw the American economy flourish, jobs increased with 7 million new jobs, unemployment fell, the stock market continued to rise and the army was rebuilt stronger.

He dared to confront China through tariffs on Chinese imports, shutting down China's cultural exchange programs in the US through disguised Confucius Institutes, in the form of cultural exchanges. He shut down the Chinese Consulate in Houston with espionage activities, expelling Chinese spies under the name of international students and graduate students to their country. It is time for American voters to wake up. They awoke to see that the incumbent President was not what his opponents attributed to him, or what the left-wing press / media described him. They woke up when they saw that the President had entered the old age of 71, yet tough, not flinched by fabricated dramas to investigate the charges of him without cause.

They woke up, when realizing that there are key politicians, not to serve the people, but to seek unjust enrichment such as corruption with their own tax money, or to take bribes from foreign governments or foreign trade organizations to get influence. According to the news revealed, there are high-ranking officials when elected to the political arena with assets from 6 to 7 figures. After leaving office, their fortune is up to 8 or 9 numbers.

For example, according to the Finacial Times in, when he entered the White House in 2008, Barrack Obama had $ 1.3 million, and by 2019, it was $ 40 million. If plus the money of the wife Michell, then the property of both of them is 60 million dollars. GoBankingRates also estimates that Obama's fortune in 2019 is $ 40 million. If plus the property of the wife, the property of two people is 70 million. According to CBS at in November 2009, Joe Biden's net worth is less than US $ 30,000. However, with the life of the Vice President under President Obama, which is said to be lucrative, so the assets have increased like the wind. When Biden declared his fortune in July 2019, it shows that Biden and Wife Jill made over $ 15 million in 2017 and 2018. According to the New York Post's investigation in Hunter Biden's laptop, the Biden's father and son were also doing illegal business with the Burisma Company in Ukraine and with China.

According to recorded on February 26, 2020, Bill Clinton's assets before running for President was only 480 thousand dollars, now up to 100 million dollars. Barack Obama's fortune before running for president was $ 3 million, now up to 40 million. Donald Trump's fortune before entering the White House for the first term was US $ 4.5 billion (4 and a half billion), now down to only US $ 3 billion. The salary of the President of the United States is 400 thousand dollars. President Trump does not accept salary.

Because of the awakening, the voters acted. Several months before the election day, groups of American voters were found to be campaigning for the election with various means and forms such as walking parades, caravans and motorbikes and boats on rivers, bays and lakes with banners, flags, fancy costumes, each one had a look, shouting slogans supporting the incumbent President enthusiastically and confidently.

There were also groups of Canadian Americans, Mexican Americans, South American, Australian, Chinese and Filipino Americans and of course Vietnamese Americans, marching in support of the candidate of the ruling party.

They woke up to see riot protests taking place in 20 states in the US and Washington, DC almost at the same time in the summer of 2020, damaging homes and shops, beating shop owners, causing some deaths, assaulting the police, spilling monuments of national heroes, destroying religious institutions and statues. Robbery and looting scenes also occurred.

People were surprised to see the Amish religious group of Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio and Indiana, sitting on wooden cartons pulled by horses, cows and buffalo, on a parade in support of the incumbent President. Thought should also know that the Amish were an ancient group of Christians from Europe to America in the 16th century. Living in the United States, they refuse to have material comforts and scientific technology: not to use cars, TVs, and refrigerators. They use their labor force, self-reliant, work in the fields and do not care about politics. They argue that using scientific technology can undermine family life.

Why are they not interested in politics but now parade in support of the presidential candidate in office? Do they want to tell the public that they want to live in peace with their way of life without being harassed?

On October 26-28, 2018, before the midterm elections, the Walk Away Campaign (#Walk Away) was seen: Quitting the Democratic Party, turning to support the incumbent President, starting with the convention the gathering took place at the Trump International Hotel, with Brandon Straka, founder of the Walk Away Campaign on the red carpet, with a felt hat on his head, and a Walk Away in his hand; then parade with thousands at John Marshall Park, and Freedom Plaza in Washington.

According to Báo Mai ( recorded on the occasion, hundreds of young black leaders were invited to the White House to meet with President Donald Trump, when Candacre Owen was part of the public NGO Turning Point USA) announced the "Blexit" Movement (a black exit movement), which spoke of parting between black Americans and Democrats. Across the city, patriotism surged in space, with slogans like "USA" and "Walk Away".

According to Viet Trump TV News - with Ann Ng and Byanng, Brandon Straka, is a gay hair stylist in New York. Brandon was a Democrat, but because he spoke on the rationalities he saw from Mr. Trump's policies, Brandon was attacked, threatened, slandered, or even demanded to be killed by leftists. Brandon was seen as a sinner, a version of the fault that the left has built up effort: gay people must follow Democrats.

Also according to Viet Trump TV News, Brandon also said, The President is only the representative of one party for a limited time. Democracy or Republican must also put the interests of America and its citizens first. Just because they hated a president of the opposition party that trampled the national history, hated the country, trampled on the sacred flag in exchange for hundreds of thousands of people who fell, denounced anyone. Another point of view ... from a party that gave birth to people like that, it doesn't deserve my vote and millions of people truly love America.

Also according to Viet Trump TV News, this colorful movement has surprised and made leftists crazy. It showed that it was, above all, a human movement (not a robot - a form of digital creation to manipulate social media - like some leftist claims). That is a serious movement and has a high determination to rise strongly.

According to Tinh, in 2017, Brandon Straka was still a supporter of the Democratic Party, but since realizing how the media deceived him to create hatred against Trump and Republicans, he knows, he must do something.

On October 3, 2020, the Walk Away Campaign again took place in Washington DC before the US Presidential election. However, the mainstream leftist media completely ignored the Walk Away Campaign, so voters only knew about this Campaign, through social media.

On October 12, 2020, police in Miami, Florida estimated that there were 30,000 vehicles in the convoy boycotting communist, socialist and leftist authoritarian ideologies – an event about number and diversity of historic happening, the organizer Orlando Gutiéres-Boronat told Breeibart.

On October 18, 2020, when President Trump came to Newport Beach to campaign and raise funds, Americans of many ethnicities jubilantly stood on both sides of the road waving flags to greet him. When the President’s car was coming near, crowds standing on the sidewalk across the road rushed to the road to see clearly. Newport Beach in Orange County that Vietnamese Americans know and like to call “Quận Cam”, located in the State of California, is considered the capital of Vietnamese refugees that the American-born people call Little Saigon, a stronghold of the Republicans, while residents of the State of California usually voted for the Democratic candidate in the recent past.

On October 24, 2020, there was a march on You tube to support the incumbent president, turning into a red sea with fan flags, a red MAGA banner and hat in Beverly Hills near Los Angeles, about 40 minutes from Orange County. On the same day, there was also a great march supporting President Trump in Hollywood in Los Angeles. During both marches, all races, colors, genders and ages were seen. They walked in enthusiastic and elated spirit, some holding their banners up, others waving flags repeatedly.

Which members of the above parades / marchers are? Were they the voters who voted for Mr. Trump, helping him to win the 2016 election? If so, then they were silent voters, who did not respond to polls by the left-wing press / media. Thus, Democrats and left-wing press / media fell short after the 2016 election, causing them to decide to raid with the current President for four years in all aspects and forms.

When voters found out the big difference in assets of the leaders of the Democratic Party, before and after participating in politics, they realized the true face of the opposition party leaders. When they realized the promises of the Democratic Party, promoting freedom, justice, equality, and service that were only demagogues and hypocrisy and their deeds were different. They realize that the former leaders of the Democratic Party are now the capitalists on the left, enriched illegally, through personal influence, through corruption and bribery.

Under the observation and analytical mind of the voters, recently the Democratic Party has metamorphosed. In fact, the Democratic Party has been perverted since President Kennedy, under President Johnson; metamorphosis was more common under President Clinton and the most metamorphosis was under President Obama. President Carter, term 1977-1981 was also a little of metamorphosis. However, he is a virtuous and good man. He was "too" good and moral to be a president of politics, so he only served as president for one term. After that, he returned to retirement, not to enjoy planting peanuts, but spent time doing charitable work, helping the poor in the Habitat for Humanity, organization, which he founded. Until this article was about to be posted online, according to, he was still living in the State of Georgia, in a house worth only 167,000 (one hundred and 67 thousand dollars) when compared to other villas of several other former presidents and going shopping at cheap store The Dollar General.

Since the time of President Kennedy, there has been no Democratic President who has been redoubtable in international politics. When President Obama visited China, he had to step down the back stairs of the plane. He also stooped, bowing deeply to pay homage to the King of Saudi Arabia and the Emperor of Japan when visiting these two countries. That only humiliated the American people, whose President he was. As president, he should have been on par with the king of Saudi Arabia and the Emperor of Japan.

According to You tube and recorded video, he was seen sitting on an armchair, resting his feet on the table at the White House, while cabinet staff members stood, listening. Was he doing so to "retaliate" when his sub-consciousness reminded him that owners of his paternal ancestors who treated them likewise? He must remember that he has two bloodlines, not one. According to the article: "President Obama's Father: A 'Bold And Reckless Life", Barack Obama's child, was born August 4, 1961 in Honolulu. According to “Family life and marriages” of Ann Dunham from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, his mother Dunham and his father Obama Sr. married in Hawaii February 2, 1961 when his mother was already pregnant 3 months.  As such, Barack Obama Jr. still carries the status of a bastard.

In 1964, his father divorced his mother, abandoned him and returned to Kenya alone. His mother had to raise and educate him. When his mother took "the second step" on the way of love, she also brought him to Indonesia to raise him. His Granddad pampered him, letting him sit on his head or his neck. These words, deeds and images are recorded in books or on You tube or Video; they undeniable

Since the time of President Johnson, there have been voters who quit the Democratic Party that the author has heard and there have been several cases of quitting the Democratic Party that the author knows. Until now, there has been a movement to quit the Democratic Party (Walk Away).

Brandon Straka founded the Walk Away (quit the Democratic Party). According to The Daily Caller, the Walk Away Movement has attracted 500,000 members of different ethnicities, colors, voices, leaving the Democratic Party, gathering to Washington to support President Trump. The Walk Away movement has unmasked the leadership of the Democratic Party. The Anti-FA movement should also be focused on them.

Reactions of Vietnamese American voters

Particularly for the majority of Vietnamese-American voters, they are not only interested in the prosperous economy of the United States of America, jobs for the people and freedom of rule of law in the United States and also look forward for help in order to preserve the territorial and sea-islands integrity of the Country they had to leave. In addition to the parades in support of the incumbent President, Vietnamese-American voters also wrote articles, sent e-mails, pictures and YouTube about the presidential campaign to each other. They also participate in local campaigns and also spend money on traveling and accommodation by car, by plane to Washington Capital with each group. There was a group of Vietnamese in Seattle, Washington and a former Vietnamese-American air force officer in Orange County, who also rented a plane to pull up a giant banner supporting the current presidential candidate.

There was a tour group 'Trump Journey MAGA 2020', by car, from Houston, through Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, to Falls Church, Virginia, gathering at Eden Trade Center Vietnamese-American, Saturday 10/10/2020 to support the incumbent President. The next day, they gathered in Washington DC to campaign for President Trump.

The Vietnamese-American delegations, when going to the US Capital, wore shirts and hats with the campaign slogans of the candidates they support. They held flags, carried colorful slogans and held them up high for the audience to see. They were no less enthusiastic, excited and ‘noisy’, but peaceful.

When interviewed, they often replied roughly that they wanted the rule of law in freedom to be maintained and prosperity for the United States of America to develop and that Homeland Vietnam was assisted to maintain territorial integrity and sea-islands.

In Washington, DC, there is a Vietnamese Community in Washington, a suburb of Maryland and Northern Virginia that helped contact relevant protest meeting agencies, and even provided light means and helped rent buses from the hotel to Eden Shopping Center, a Vietnamese business hub in Northern Virginia and to Washington, DC.

The Chinese have a saying: an image is equal to a thousand words. If you search on Google to see YouTube videos of American and Vietnamese American parades, you will see how fully they support Mr. Trump.

It is worth noting that there was a series of YouTube supporters for Mr. Trump, most of the speakers were female, in youthful outfits and makeup, between the ages of 30 and 50. They spoke fluently, clearly, with accent from any region in Vietnam, belonging to the accent of that region, not mixed-up and not affected by the foreign accent without accent. If they do not have the same opinion with the content of those YouTube videos, it is difficult to speak with such enthusiasm and conviction. One member of the group with a strange name, both the owner and the speaker for YouTube, also showed voters how to mark down in the ballot paper, step-by-step.

There were also individuals of Vietnamese Americans writing articles critical of the ruling Party's candidate and small groups of Vietnamese in California and other states who took part in the streets in support of the DC candidate. Sometimes there are small conflicts between the two groups. However, these were small groups, some individuals in the group wearing masks, some individuals covering their faces, hiding their identities. They appeared locally and not having a large-scale parade to the capital of Washington, DC.

Meanwhile, there were individuals, civil and religious organizations of Vietnamese Americans  kept silent as if nothing happened. Perhaps they didn’t want to appear in public for different reasons.

The 2020 US Presidential election is inconclusive

November 3, 2020 is an election day with no results until midnight. At 3:45 am the next day, November 4, Yahoo reported that former Vice President Biden received a higher number of popular votes than President Trump. However, the decision is the number of electoral votes. Mr. Biden received 238 electoral votes, Mr. Trump received 213 electoral votes. However, the number of electoral votes needed to win the election is 270. Thus, neither side has won the election. There are seven more states that have yet to finish counting votes are Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Nevada and Alaska

Late on election night, Mr. Trump announced to the hundreds of staff members in the White House and his supporters that he had won the election. However, after that, there were polling stations in some states that stopped counting, no more votes were counted in the red states, meaning, they did not report to broadcasters, so they just repeated what had been said previously. Then again, the television stations reporting Mr. Biden's votes increased rapidly.

At this moment, Mr. Trump accused the DC Party members of launching a conspiracy against him using postal ballots “I've been saying this since the day I heard they were going to send tens of millions of ballots. Either they win, or if they don't, they'll take us to court ”.

There are voters for the Republican Party who also wondered about the 2020 election results when thinking about the events that happened over the past four years. The "spectacular" results, that, President Trump has achieved in the past four years for the US and the world and his achievements through three debates about the presidency with Mr. Biden.

The parades / marches supporting Mr. Trump with thousands of people on the street, motorbikes on the road, motorbikes on rivers and lakes supporting Mr. Trump, they found them enthusiastic, engrossed and cheering up, carrying banners, flags and resounding slogans.

Stories were fabricated against President Trump in the past four years by the Democratic Party and leftist press / media. Riot protests, smashing, beating shop owners with cases of death, police attacks, demolition of monuments, destruction of worship facilities and religious statues, scenes of looting occurred. In addition there was a burnt down of a Vietnamese Baptist church in Philadelphia that occurred just days before Election Day.

When these demonstrations took place in states and cities, where Democratic governors or mayors, they were not prevented but encouraged. Democratic Party leaders remained silent, said nothing, and did not react to these violent protests.

In contrast, at the black American funeral, named George Floyd whose mother is a Filipino, was held by the police in Minnesota with his knee for a long time, choking to death, then some high-ranking Democratic Party officials knelt down on the ground outdoors to memorialize.

Then there was the Biden father and son business with evidence in the Hard Disk Drive of Hunter Biden's laptop. Evidence in a number of YouTube and videos showed Mr. Biden's confusions during his Presidential campaigns. One of the many examples of when he was confused, like when he wanted to say he was going to beat Mr. Trump, he said beat Mr. Biden. He also confused when he stated that 120 million people died in the US from the Covid-19 epidemic. This is not a fabrication. Just try typing a few words like: Joe Biden’s confused statements, you will see a series of YouTube videos. Or type: Joe Biden's most awkward gaffes of all times in Google, you will see a series of videos to watch. Sometimes, he wanted to say something but thought it over for a minute before he could say it. His wife stood by and sympathized with him.

By the third week before the Election Day, Mr. Biden had to rely on his wife and Mr. Obama to run for election. People saw that he let his wife speak instead while he walked back and forth behind the stage to listen. Gatherings to listen to Mr. Biden and Mr. Obama usually only attract small, very modest crowds. Thus, people can see that the Democratic Party voters also disillusioned with Mr. Biden. However, the leaders of the Democratic Party found it too late to replace him.

Perhaps that is why Mr. Trump called Mr. Biden "Sleepy Joe" and said how many years as Senator and 8 years as Vice President, but did not do anything significant.

When Mr. Biden intended to run for president, Mr. Obama discouraged him to do so, but failed. Surely, Mr. Obama as "boss" of Mr. Biden must know about illegal business with Ukraine and China of the Biden family.

Many voters may not have heard about the above events because the press / media covered them up, or did not hear about them because there was no cable or Wi-Fi in the countryside, voters could not watch scandals and unfavorable news for the Democratic Party. They may not have heard of the Walk Away Movement - Quitting the Democratic Party - because leftist press / media did not mention it.

Through the above events, Mr. Trump's supporters believed that he would win the election spectacularly on election night 2020. However, perhaps because the Democratic Party lost bitterly and humiliated in the 2016 election, that is why during the last four years they played tricks to beat Mr. Trump. Are they afraid that Mr. Trump will continue with the program "draining the swamp"?

Usually when presidents leave office, they retire in their state and do not talk about the policy of the successor president. Yet, Mr. Obama continued to stay in Washington, DC, buying a house according to for 8.1 million near the White House. It was said to beat Mr. Trump.

In the article "The enemy among us", the senior journalist, Charles Krauthammer, has a doctor's degree, but chose to be a journalist, wrote:

For the first time in history, suddenly we have one of our former presidents set up a group called "Organizing for Action" (OFA). OFA is 30,000+ strong and working to disrupt everything that our current president’s administration is trying to do. This organization goes against our Democracy, and it is an operation that will destroy our way of governing. It goes against our Constitution, our laws, and the processes established over 200 years ago.

Paul Sperry, writing for the New York Post, says, “The OFA will fight President Donald Trump at every turn of his presidency and the ex-president will command them from a bunker less than two miles from the White House."

Sperry writes that, “The ex-president is setting up a shadow government to sabotage the Trump administration through a network of non-profits led by OFA, which is growing its war chest (more than $40 million) and has some 250 offices nationwide. The OFA IRS filings, according to Sperry, indicate that the OFA has 32,525 (and growing) volunteers nationwide. The ex-president and his wife will oversee the operation from their home/ office in Washington DC.

Journalist Charles Krauthammer added: Think about how this works. For example: Trump issues an immigration executive order; the OFA signals for protests and statements from pro-immigrant groups; the ACLU lawyers file lawsuits in jurisdictions where activist judges obstruct the laws; volunteers are called to protest at airports and Congressional town hall meetings; the leftist media springs to action in support of these activities; the twitter sphere lights up with social media; and violence follows. All of this happens from the ex-president's signal that he is heartened by the protests.[1]

Mr. Trump calls this shadow government a deep state in the United States.

It is said that these dark acts of the Democratic Party are taught by Chinese espionage in the US through disguised Confucius institutions, cultural hiding teams, through Chinese international students and graduate students in America.

In his letter to President Trump, Archbishop Viganó, former Vatican nuncio in the United States, used Biblical images to refer to the ongoing war between “children of light" and “children of darkness".

Referring to the illegal increase of votes in the 2020 election, then in 1864, when Republican President Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery, the South protested, thinking they needed black people to work on the plantations. Thus, the South-North War happened. The DC Party took the excuse of the Civil War, so it demanded a vote by mail. The Secret Service uncovered the plan to rig the election by swapping the votes that took place in Washington DC, Baltimore and New York. Moses Ferry and Edward Donahue were the masterminds, arrested, tried and imprisoned. President Lincoln was still elected. When the South army lost because of its lack of weapons and ammunition, the North winners treated the South losers very nicely with love of its countrymen. Thus, the Republican Party eliminated slavery, not the Democratic Party.

Just before the 2020 election, the states that have governors under the Democratic Party also used the reason for the Covid-19 epidemic, so they could vote by mail if they wished. The Middle District of Pennsylvania Attorney's Office on September 24, 2020 announced the day before the election of urging the ballots of certain military personnel to be cast in the Luzern County Board of Election election office. Nine votes for Mr. Trump were also found, urged to drop. In addition, Patriot Outlook also quoted Fox News, saying that three trays of mails filled with mail, including absentee ballots, were urged under a ditch in Wisconsin, prompting the Wisconsin Post Office to enter into the investigation.

There were thousands of witnesses who have sworn to testify about 2020 vote fraud in some of the state's polling places, when the counting staff had been ordered to stop counting for an hour. Thus, the broadcast stations had nothing to report on the voting progress there, but only repeated the old results. The people who counted the votes also reported that they only counted about 5 thousand votes, for example, but the poll manager reported counting tens of thousands of votes. Ballot counters also reported that there were boxes of ballots received after the date and time to be turned in to the polling office, and they were still ordered to count those boxes.  As for the Republican observers in the polling booths run and controlled by the Democratic  Party, they could only stand as far as 2 meters, sometimes as much as 8 meters. However, they also noticed some unusual happenings at the polling booth.

As reported on November 3, 2020, a wave of suspicious robot calls and text messages hit voters as they began voting on Tuesday, sparking new concerns of the extent to which malicious actors can use smartphones to scare people away from polls.

In Michigan, administration officials on Tuesday said they witnessed more attempts to deceive the state's voters in particular, including an automated phone call campaign targeting the city of Flint, report to voters to go to vote tomorrow, to avoid the long queues today. FBI intelligence agency has been investigating the series of messages via robot calls.

On Tuesday evening (November 10), White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany released a 234-page document containing evidence and witness testimony revealing fraudulent practices during the 2020 presidential election, according to the Daily Mail.

Fox News quoted Ms. Sidney Powell as the main lawyer in the team of lawyers who denounced election fraud, saying that "there is now a large-scale, organized coordination to steal the election from the American people”, at least the following areas:

1.Disable votes for President Trump. 2. Create short vote-to-vote Biden. 3. The dead vote. 4. Use an algorithm to calculate the required number of votes to reverse the result, then directly modify it through the computerized counting of votes (According to other sources, the real ballot counting machine software issued in China, used in the Dominion computer, has eliminated 2 million 7 hundred thousand votes for President Trump). 5. Post offices change the time they receive ballots.

Mr. Trump's team includes Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State and former CIA Chief, is working hard, because Mr. Trump's time in office is not long to continue to investigate the number of voters registered in 353 counties in 29 US states exceeded 100% due to a research report by Jud Justice Watch in September this year [2].

Mr. Trump's legal team further investigated the "ghost" votes of deceased voters in some states, added cases of hour-long stoppage of counting votes, more cases sent to the counting room, adding to the very high number of votes sent to television stations, that actually only counted a small number of votes.

Mr. Trump's bar association led by lawyer Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City was present at the voting booths in Pennsylvania Wednesday, one day after the polling day to observe and record. There are states that keep counting votes until Friday, all 3 days after election day.

About a week after the Election Day, supporters of Mr. Trump took to the streets in many states, protesting the fraudulent election. Saturday, November 14, 2020, an organization calling for millions of people to take to the streets - Million MAGA March - gathered around the Washington Monument, Washington, DC to support Mr. Trump. Of course, the Vietnamese from the Washington Capital Region, Maryland and Virginia and some in Philadelphia or beyond also returned, gathering at the Vietnamese Eden Shopping Center in Falls Church, Virginia as in the past, to take a 15-minute bus ride to Washington, joined Million MAGA March on the streets to support Mr. Trump. They marched on Pennsylvania Avenue, linking the White Palace and the Supreme Court.  In the crowd of sea marchers - Million MAGA March - carried the flag of the United States, embellished with some yellow three red stripes. They wore banners "Stop the stealing", "Expose Fraud", chanted USA slogans consecutively. The convoy escorting President Trump had to walk among the crowd on the street when he visited Freedom Plaza amidst loud cheers: Four more years. There were also small groups standing by the side of the road, dressed in black, holding Black Lives Matter boards.

When Mr. Biden announced his victory with the campaign committee and CNN was the first television station to announce Mr. Biden's election, a reporter asked Mr. Trump about Mr. Biden's victory, what do you think? Mr. Trump replied succinctly "It is a long way".

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